Swarovski Jewellery - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Swarovski?

Put simply, Swarovski (pronounced "swore-off-ski") are the best!!

Made in Austria, Swarovski products are considered to be one of the finest products of their kind in the world. Unlike Czech glass, these are machine polished and Swarovski is the undisputed leader in precision-cut crystals of the highest quality.

For over a century, Swarovski has supplied the world with superior crystals made with their unique crystal cutting techniques and their patented machinery. Swarovski dominates the full lead crystal market with approximately 70% of the market share.

Swarovski pearls are created by using a Swarovski crystal at the center rather than a plastic bead. The crystal base is what sets these simulated pearls apart from others, and because each pearl is created by using a Swarovski crystal it is easy to attain the perfect size and weight.

Each crystal is layered with several coats of mother of pearl and the completed Swarovski pearl exhibits has a gorgeous luminous appearance. They are considered to be the best  simulated pearl you can find. Swarovski offers a wide range of colours to meet the needs of all occasions.

Freshwater Pearls

Freshwater pearls are formed in the shells of freshwater molluscs rather than saltwater.  

Like saltwater pearlsfreshwater pearls can come in a range of colours. The color of the pearl can be further enhanced with colour treatments like bleaching or dyeing. The shape of the pearl is referred to as "rice grain" though the shape of most freshwater pearls is irregular and it is this feature that is highlighted in jewellery made from freshwater pearls.

Sterling Silver, 14K Gold filled and Vermeil

Sterling Silver is the standard for beautiful high quality silver jewellery. It contains over 92.5% pure silver, mixed with alloys to add strength and durability.

Any metal can make up the 7.5% non-silver portion of sterling, however centuries of experimentation have shown copper to be the best. This improves the hardness and durability without affecting its beauty and gorgeous color.

Pure Gold is soft and not practical for jewellery that you intend to wear even occasionally. Other metals are mixed with it to make it more durable – and affordable. 14K Gold contains 14 parts gold and 10 parts of one or more additional metals, making it 58.3% gold.

14K Gold filled has a layer of 14 karat gold permanently bonded over a core of base metal. It is long lasting and will not flake or peel. 14K Gold filled is an economical way to enjoy the luster of gold without the huge price tag.

Gold filled items have markings that indicate how much and what type of gold was used for the layer, and unlike gold plated items, they have an actual layer of gold which increases its value and lengthens the life of the jewellery. 

For a small charge, most metallic components can be substituted with Sterling Silver and 14K Gold filled  components instead.

Vermeil is Sterling Silver that has been plated with gold, also called silver gilt. To be considered vermeil, the gold must be at least 10 carat (42%) and be at least 2.5  micrometers  thick.

Vermeil jewelry is popular because of the more affordable cost, Vermeil is noncorrosive, and combines the lightness and lower cost of silver with a high-quality coating of gold and its beautiful brightness. 

High quality materials

We use only genuine Swarovski crystals and pearls. All earrings are finished with Sterling Silver hooks or studs. 14K Gold filled earring hooks can also be used. 

Some designs are made with all Sterling Silver metal components. All others are made with high quality base metals. Most designs can be changed to use all Sterling Silver parts - please send us a message to ask for a quote.

Necklaces are finished with a high quality tarnish resistant clasp and 5cm extender chain and bracelets are finished with clasps or toggles.

For a small charge, Sterling Silver or 14K Gold filled clasps, toggles etc can be used instead.

Many pieces will also have small tiny glass beads between the crystals to set them apart for maximum effect.

Toggles, Clasps, Hooks and Studs

Almost all our designs feature silver metallic components, however, with most you can choose to have gold instead. 

All earrings are made with Sterling Silver hooks or some designs feature Sterling Silver studs. Flowergirl earrings are made with a choice of silver plated hooks, studs, leverbacks or clip ons.

Necklaces and single strand bracelets are made with a high quality silver (or gold) coated clasp and 5cm extender chain. Single strand bracelets can be made with a toggle if you prefer.

Double and triple strand bracelets are finished with a special clasps that allow the multiple strands to lay together nicely. As these clasps and toggles do not have extender chains you will need to measure your wrist carefully so you can choose the correct length bracelet.

There is also information about Necklace Lengths and How to Measure Your Wrist that will help you select the right length of necklace or bracelet for a perfect fit.

Sterling Silver or 14K Gold filled components ( eg. clasps or toggles) can be selected when you are checking out.

Standard Colours

Standard colours for bridal jewellery are white/ivory pearls and clear crystals. Cream pearls can be used instead of white/ivory. These are always in stock. Silver metallics are used in almost all designs though gold can be used if you prefer.

Almost all of our designs, including bridal jewellery can be made in other colours. There may be a small additional charge for the use of coloured crystals in some designs as they do cost a fraction more.

If you wish to use non-standard coloured pearls or crystals its best to send a message so we can check on colour availability for you.  Occasionally some colours are out of stock so its always best to check.

Standard Necklace Lengths

You can select the length of your necklace when you are checking out. All our necklaces are finished with  a clasp and 5cm extender chain.  Pendants, drops etc are not included in the measurements. The measurement does include the clasp ie "done up while wearing" length. 

Listed below are approximate lengths for various styles.

 Necklace Styles (all come with a 5cm extender chain) 


 Young girls under 5 years

30 - 32cm or custom

 Young girls age 5 – 10 years

34 - 36cm

 No pendant, sits comfortably around the neck.

40 - 44cm

 Rests just over collar bone on the upper chest

             44 - 48cm                excluding pendant

 Designed to sit and hang over the chest

            48 - 56cm             excluding drops

 Worn long over the chest

          65cm approx          excluding drops


How to measure your wrist correctly

Measure around the slimmest part of your wrist, snug but not tight. Then add 1 - 2cm to get your bracelet length depending on how tight or loose you want it to be.

Your measurement will include the toggle (or clasp).

For example. If your wrist measures 16.5cm,  you will select a bracelet length of 17.5cm (or 18cm for a slightly looser fit). If your wrist is16.5cm or less then add 1cm or 1.5cm at most. If your wrist is 18cm or more then add 1.5 cm or 2cm for a looser fit.

Another way to check is to measure the length of a bracelet you already own - make sure you measure the "done up" length that includes the clasp or toggle.

You will then be able to choose the correct bracelet length when making your purchase.

If you are choosing a bracelet toggle, or purchasing a multi-strand bracelet, you will need to measure your wrist carefully to make sure you get the right length bracelet. Other styles eg Charm bracelets, or those with a clasp and extension chain give you more flexibility with the length of the bracelet.

Custom designs

We love custom designs!! Please take advantage of our free custom design service.  There is no extra charge for custom designed work.

If you have photos, pictures (from magazines) or sketches then please email them through as well. 

We like to work collaboratively, and as your jewellery is being created photos will be emailed to you. This means you will have many opportunities to make sure everything is exactly as you want it.

Urgent requests

If you have an urgent request we may be able to create something for you within a 3 day timeframe, depending on current stock and workloads. 

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