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Hi, my name is Michelle Goulevitch and I would like to welcome you to Gorgeous Jewellery. I love designing and creating jewellery, however I had no idea that this is what I  would be doing at this stage in my life. But as you probably know, life rarely turns out as you expect it to :)

Prior to 2006,  I had a successful corporate career in the telecommunications industry. I enjoyed it and would have happily continued down that path, but in December 2005 I was stopped in my tracks by a debilitating illness called ME / CFS  (Myalgic Encephalopathy / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome). I was so sick, often bedridden and housebound. To my dismay, I was forced to stop working for an indefinate amount of time.

During the early stages of my illness when I was at my worst, I began making jewellery. To start with, it was purely a creative outlet for me while convalescing.  My "grand plan" involved getting my health back as quickly as possible and launching back into my usual life of working hard and going to the gym.

Six months later I was still too unwell to return to work. Unsure of my future, I continued to make jewellery (obsessively some might say!). 

I tried my hand at many different styles and soon found I was particularly drawn to working with crystals and pearls because of their beauty and elegance. After a number of months of working at the dinner table I now have my own studio and workspace at my home in Auckland.

Today, most of my designs are based around Swarovski crystals and pearls. I especially enjoy designing and creating wedding jewellery (including bridesmaids, flower girls, mother of the bride and so on) or something beautiful for that special occasion.

I love custom design work thoroughly enjoy the process of collaborating with others to create unique and gorgeous jewellery they will adore and cherish.

Today, I still have have ME/CFS. Recovery from this illness is long and slow (measured in years, not weeks or months). I am however happy to say that my condition has improved alot and I have found a way to live my life with ME/CFS.

The wonderful thing to come out of all this, is that instead of being "something to do while being unwell", designing and creating gorgeous jewellery has become a true passion and a new career.

I hope you enjoy browsing the site, and please send me a message if you have any questions at all, big or small, I am happy to help :)

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