Gorgeous Jewellery Winners 2012

To claim your prize you need to reply to the email you will have been sent, within 3 calender days.


Angel Wings Earrings Giveaway 21.12.12

Debbi Tohill

India Elegant Earrings Giveaway 19.12.12

Sally Green

Angel Wings Necklace Giveaway 14.12.12

Shannon Connor

Cameo Cuff Giveaway 11.12.12

Janette Bungard

Amanda Necklace Giveaway 7.12.12

Jacky Corkhill

India Rhinestone Bracelet Giveaway 04.12.12

Natalie Critoph

Angel Wings Earrings Giveaway 30.11.12

Kim Fincham

Renata Bracelet Giveaway 27.11.12

Melissa Taylor

Angel Wings Necklace 15.11.12

Melissa Vogel 

Natasha Bracelet 13.11.12

Joanne Chandler

Antique Silver Owl Necklace 05.11.12

Dianne Adams

India Necklace 23.10.12

Christine Dixon

India Elegant Earrings 23.10.12

Holley Jenkins

Angel Wing Earrings Giveaway 05.10.12

Sarah Blair

Constance Earrings Giveaway 18.09.12

Lisa Williams

$25 Gift Certificate 17.09.12

Josie Aaoltonen

$25 Gift Certificate 10.09.12

Diana Carman Houkamau

Photo Competition (two pieces to the value of $150 - custom designed jewellery) 11.09.12

Kelly Hunt

Cute Silver Owl Necklace Giveaway 16.08.12

Angela Cooper

Constance Earrings Giveaway 13.08.12

Sarah Blair

Bride and Groom Giveaway - Angelique Tiara 03.08.12

Angelique Browne

Becca Pink Bracelet Winner 31.07.12

Naomi Drower

Wing It (Angel Wings ) Earrings Giveaway 27.7.12

Carol Ashton

Fan of the Week 25.07.12

Nic McCondach

Fan of the Week 16.07.12

Melanie Hillyer

Cute Bronze Owl Giveaway 13.07.12

Justine Riwai

Jayde Bracelet Winner 09.07.12

Erin Krebs

Fan of the Week 02.07.12

Nikki Wood

Sylvia Gold Earrings Winner 29.06.12

Susan Mugg

Becca Bracelet 6000 Liker Giveaway 22.06.12

Miranda Whitwell

Winner Chooses Swarovski Earrings Winner 20.06.12

Marie Ball (Stokes)

Fan of the Week 18.06.12

Carole Shirley

Winner Chooses Swarovski Earrings Giveaway 15.06.12

Shana West

Constance Earrings Winner 07.06.12

Alesha Manaton

Swarovski Earrings Winner 05.06.12

Larissa Thomas

Fan of the Week 05.06.12

Kerry Mewett

India Elegant Earrings and India Necklace Winner 31.05.12

Michelle Hall

Luna Charcoal Earrings Winner 31.05.12

Carole Shirley

Sylvia Earrings Winner 25.05.12

Hayley Rowden

Fan of the Week 21.05.12

Lisa Williams

Tara Sterling Silver Earrings Winner 18.05.12

Alison Spear

Martine Earrings Winner 15.04.12

Kylie Trainor

Fan  of the Week 14.05.12

Janna Bradley

Jada Earrings Winner 10.05.12

Michelle Fey

Buttercup Earrings Winner 08.04.12

Michelle Hall

Fan of the Week 07.04.12

Josie Aaltonen

Sienna Earrings Winner 04.05.12

Kelly Kingan

Primrose Necklace 5000 Liker Giveaway 01.05.12

Debbe Parkes

Fan of the Week 30.04.12

Tania Hooper - Bishop

Joy Charcoal Earrings Winner 30.04.12

Lorraine Leydon

Renata Bracelet Giveaway 26.04.12

Kylie Smith

Fan of the Week 23.04.12

Roberta Leevard

Swarovski Earrings Winners 18 04.12

Krystal Williams

Jessica Tait

Maxine Abbott

Julie Taylor

Jessie Versteeg

Lucky Dip Winner 17.04.12

Angela Carroll

Fan of the Week 16.04.12

Vanessa Purcell

Lucky Dip Winner 15.04.12

Vicki Dennes

Lucky Dip Winner 13.04.12

Carol Ashton

Swarovski Earrings Winner 12.04.12

Samatha Pittams

Lucky Dip Winner 11.04.12

Rosemary Keay

Lucky Dip Winner 08.04.12

Linda Fairbrother

Becca Bracelet Winner 05.04.12

Catherine Barr

Lucky Dip Winner 05.04.12

Danielle Gordon

Lucky Dip Winner 04.04.12

Cheryl Katz

Lucky Dip Winner 03.04.12

Kerry Wilson

Renata Bracelet Giveaway 02.04.12

Angel Chauval

Fan of the Week $25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate 02.04.12

Belinda Whitehead

Fan of the Week $25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate 26.03.12

Josie Aaltonen

Lucky Dip Winners 21.03.12

Karrie Stephens

Melissa McDowall

Aisha Albert

Swarovksi Neckace and Earrings Winner 21.03.12

Diana Foster

Counting Challenge Winner $30 Earrings 19.03.12

Ebony Mills

Bride and Groom Comp - Antonia Earrings Winner 19.03.12

Elaine Morrison

Fan of the Week $25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate 19.03.12

Erin Beckett

Lucky Dip Winner 16.03.12

Brena Johnston

Lucky Dip Winner 15.03.12

Caitlen Hewinson

Lucky Dip Winners 13.03.12

Tania Oxton

Crystal Tiseli

Lucky Dip Winner 12.03.12

Michelle Watson

Fans of the Week $25 Gift Certificate 12.03.12

Helen Coop

Lucky Dip Winner 10.03.12

Raewyn Hayes

Lucky Dip Winner 08.03.12

Miranda Whitwell

Constance Earrings Giveaway 08.03,12

Nicola Atkinson

Lucky Dip Winner 07.03.12

Carissa Torbarina

Lucky Dip Winner 06.03.12

Rachel Ladd

Lucky Dip Winner 04.03.12

Jamie Tollison

Lucky Dip Winner 02.03.12

Mollie Oliver

Deborah Watson

Lucky Dip Winner 01.03.12

Danielle Cleverdon

Alice Necklace and Earrings Winner 01.03.12

Erin Krebs

Lucky Dip Winners 28.02.12

Keri Atkins

Janene Homan

Lucky Dip Winner 25.02.12

Lisa Williams

$50 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winner 24.02.12

Dee Barmes

Swarovski Earrings Winners 24.02.12

Deidre Lawrence

Joyce Leevard

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 23.02.12

Carol Anderson

Jessie McIvor

Michelle Matheson

Swarovski Earrings Winners 22.02.12

Kirstin Pereira 

Julie Williams

Karen Paisley

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 20.02.12

Ann Walker

Ashleigh Cookson

Louise Boyce

Becca Bracelet 20.02.12

Jenny Latto

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 19.02.12

Emma Moore

Bonnie Smith

Sheree Martin

3333 Likers Winner (Constance Swarovski Earrings) 17.02.12

Christine Goyen

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 17.02.12

Tina Watt

Gemma Wood

Gemma Moffat

Swarovski Earrings Winners 16.02.12

Mellissa Port

Natasha Humphrey

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 15.02.12

Helen Coop

Kita Field

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 14.02.12

Laura McFetridge

Karen Wood

Kelly Mawkes

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 12.02.12

Vanessa Purcell

Lynne Turner

Swarovski Earrings Winners 12.02.12

Korrinna McCallion

Claire Reading

Bridgitte Miller

$125 Custom Designed Set 10.02.12

Tara Ginsberg

We hit 3000 -  $35 Gift Cert Winner 09.02.12

Shelley Gracie

We hit 3000 - Lucky Dip Winners 09.02.12

Cloe Anderson

Cassie Warburton

Kirsten Brown

Natasha Firth

Sonia Whitley

Mark Laurent

$35 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 08.02.12

Julie Williams

Claire Brooker

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 07.02.12

Megan Corney

Nikki Fowler

Jade Cooke

Dee Young

Swarovski Earrings Winners 07.02.12

Cindy Christey

Angela Hugehs

Tracey Morecraft

Anna Meredith

Kim-Michelle Flanagan

Buffy Wood

$50 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winner 06.02.12

Krystal Danks

$50 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winner 03.02.12

Deidre Lawrence

Swarovski Earrings Winner 03.02.12

Emma Joines

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 03.02.12

Victoria Horwell

Rebecca Tupu

Swarovski Earrings Winners 03.02.12

Emma Edwards

Jessica Drabble

Karen Ackryod

$50 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winner 02.02.12

Tess Kennard

Swarovski Earrings Winners 02.02.12

Alisha Sinclair

Rochelle Reid

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 01.02.12

Gina Peiffer

Megan Goodman

Counting Competition $25 Gift Certificate 01.02.12

Nicola Atkinson

Custom Designed Set (value $125) 29.01.12

Anthea Anderson

Swarovski Earrings Winner 29.01.12

Sally Mason

Swarovski Sienna Earrings Winner 28.01.12

Rosemary MacPherson

Swarovski Joy Charcoal Earrings Winner 26.01.12

Brenda James

Swarovski Earrings Winners 23.01.12

Natalie Wooloff

Amanda Fountain

Lynn Guy

Gwyneth Bos

Ashlee Mcleod

Diane Knight

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winners 23.01.12

Graeme Ellerm

Nancy Marston

Liz Milner

Stephanie Atkin

Sienna Swarovski Pearl Earrings Winner 23.01.12

Marsha Gowans

Re-draw from unclaimed prize - Swarovski Earrings 21.01.12

Louise Boyce

Swarovski Earrings Winner 20.01.12

Jenn McMillan

Louise Fox

Yolande Jeffares

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificates 20.01.12

Sandy Luxford

Jenette Stantiall

Swarovski Earrings Winner 19.01.12

Kristin Syms

Swarovski "Joy Grey" Earrings Winner 18.01.12

Christine Dixon

Swarovski Earrings Winner 17.01.12

Melanie Lurman

Swarovski "Joy Charcoal" Earrings Winner 17.01.12

Kylee Amos

Swarovski Earrings Winner 16.01.12

Naomi Drower

Bride and Groom $100 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificate Winner 16.01.12

Lisa Hennessy

Bride and Groom Swarovski Earrings Winners 16.01.12

Jenny Quartly

Jennifer Osborne

Amanda Matthews

Weekend Giveaway Swarovski "Joy Blue" Earrings Winner 16.01.12

Karina Loader

Daily Giveaways Swarovski Earrings Winners 06.01.12 - 13.01.12

Mandy Beckman

Jenny Latto

Tarn-lee Emerson

Kirstin Pereira

Krissie Kett

Jenni Thompson

Swarovski "Joy Grey" Earrings Winner 13.01.12

Moana Raroa

Swarovski "Joy Pink" Earrings Winners 12.01.12

Kaye Taylor

Swarovski "Joy Charcoal" Earrings Winner 11.01.12

Nicola Blanch

Swarovski "Joy Blue" Earrings Winner 10.01.12

Celeste Coley

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificates 06.01.12

Kev Wylie

Christine Dixon

Swarovski Earrrings Winners 06.01.12

Melanie Savage

Susana Jarvis

Bernadette Payton

$25 Gorgeous Jewellery Gift Certificates 05.01.12

Lisa Baird

Alex McNabb

Surprise Lucky Dip Winners 04.01.12

Luella Dobier

Karina Loader

Alana Lupton

Lauren Clemens

Surprise Lucky Dip Winners 02.01.12

Nina Ronowicz

Rochelle Reid

Surprise Lucky Dip Winners 01.01.12

Andrena VandenHeuval

Thomas Argall

Di Mason

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