Five Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Five Top Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery

Here are my top five tips for choosing your wedding jewellery.

1. The neckline on your wedding gown.

It is important to take the style of your gown into consideration, especially the neckline. Gowns with a V shape look great with a pendant style or a drop of some sort. Strapless gowns are very versatile and you can wear most necklace styles with it, though round shaped or choker style necklaces will look gorgeous.

Asymmetric gowns actually look best without a necklace; and in that case you will want to focus on the earrings.

2. Take into account your overall look.

Does your dress have beading or crystals on it? If so, then you will want to play down the jewellery and go for more understated styles e.g. pendants or a simple string of pearls. If your dress is simple without lots of embellishments then you can really play up the jewellery for your look.

3. Avoid wearing too much jewellery.

Pick one feature piece 'above the neckline' ie necklace or earrings. If you are wearing large chandelier earrings, then a simple pendant necklace or even no necklace at all will look best. If you have chosen an ornate style necklace then choose a simple style of earring e.g. small drops or studs so they don't detract from your feature piece necklace.

For the bracelet, wear one if you want to and choose something you like that ties in with the overall look you are going for. Because your wrist is far away from your face (and your necklace and earrings), you can pretty much choose any style you  like. My advice is to pick something you love and will enjoy wearing.

Hair jewellery is very popular these days and if you decide against a veil; a hairvine or comb is a great choice to add a something special to your hair.

4. Be consistent.

Choose pieces made from the same materials. If you have decided on a necklace made from Swarovski pearls and crystals, choose a bracelet or earrings made from the same, rather than something made from freshwater pearls. Choosing pieces made from the same materials will give you a look that is more appealling to the eye and well put together.

5. Stick to your own personal style.

Most importantly, you want to feel like 'you' on your 'Big Day', so choose jewellery you love and feel comfortable wearing. Don't make the mistake of choosing something just because its trendy and risk regretting it. Be true to yourself.

Michelle x


Posted: Tuesday 20 January 2015


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