Andrea Takes Gorgeous Jewellery For A Test Drive

Andrea Takes Gorgeous Jewellery For A Test Drive

High-quality yet affordable!

Jewellery is all about promise – the promise of looking perfect for an occasion, or just feeling that little bit special during an ordinary working day. Jewellery can pick you up and make your day – and that’s just what my Gorgeous Jewellery ‘India’ three-stone earrings and necklace did while at a convention last week. The set was just so beautiful to wear!

I was especially pleased with the obvious attention to detail in the manufacture. All the stones are secure in their settings, which is something I always check, having lost stones in the past due to poor workmanship. The chain of the necklace, fitted with an extender to ensure perfect placement of the pendant in a variety of necklines, is finished with the prettiest little fob jewel – such a beautiful touch!

Sterling silver earring hooks meant my ear sensitivities to nickel and other lesser metals were not a problem and the bright Swarovski rhinestone jewels used would bring the thrill of sparkles to any girl’s heart!

Often, when wearing a necklace, the chain tangles in the fine, underneath layer of my hair, resulting in a positive dreadlock of hair caught in the chain, which is so hard to remove. A big plus here – this necklace remained hair-free!

The India three-stone set was a total pleasure to wear. And it was especially pleasing to get such lovely comments from my colleagues about my sparkles!

It’s the little things that count – and Gorgeous Jewellery has beautiful little things in abundance!

This blog was written by Andrea Little from Baby Banz.

Photo shows Gorgeous Jewellery Brand Ambassador Rachel Wood in the India 3 stone Swarovski Earrings.

Posted: Tuesday 8 September 2015

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